Jingle Bell Rock

2014 Jingle Bell Rock Winner

Congratulations to Rolland King of Farmington. The Winner of This Year’s Diamonds & More Jewelers B104 Jingle Bell Rock! Rolland found the rock in a record time of 1:27.

Thanks to everyone who hunted for this prize. Rolland wins over $10,000 worth of Jewelry!

Get Ready to Make Your Holidays Shine Like Diamonds

Its the Return of the Diamonds and More Jewelers B104 Jingle Bell Rock

This year’s prize is over $10,000 worth of Jewelry from Diamonds and More Jewelers in Farmington.

Listen each day starting December 9th for your first Clue Card Location.

Each day, we’ll send you to a different business to pick up a Clue Card.

Collect as many as you can.  The Clues will lead you to the undisclosed location to hunt for the rock

on Saturday, December 20th at 8am.

Date-Clue Card Location

Dec 9th-Clue Card Location #1-Diamonds and More Jewelers-Farmington

Dec 10th-Clue Card Location #2-Park Hills River Mart-Park Hills

Dec 11th-Clue Card Location #3-Patsy’s Furniture-Park Hills

Dec 12th-Clue Card Location #4-The UPS Store-Farmington

Dec 15th-Clue Card Location #5-Crossroads Custom Framing-Farmington

Dec 16th-Clue Card Location #6-Sun Loan Company and Tax Service-Park Hills

Dec 17th-Clue Card Location #7-Mega Sports-Farmington

Dec 18th-Clue Card Location #8-Dirt Cheap-Desloge

Dec 19th-Clue Card Location #9-Sweet Heart Chocolates-Farmington

Jingle Bell Rock Official Rules

1. Employees of MKS Broadcasting or their families are not eligible to win.

2. Employees of any sponsor of the Jingle Bell Rock are not eligible to win.

3. The winners of the Jingle Bell Rock in 2012 and 2013 are not eligible to win.

4. Contestants must have at least three clue cards to participate.

5. In case the location of the rock is compromised, a random drawing will be held.

6. Anyone caught cheating, destroying property or causing harm will be disqualified and a random drawing will be held.

7. Only one person per household can search.

8. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

9. Contestants with all 9 clue cards will be the first to start. Other contestants will wait 2 minutes per each clue card they are short.

10. Hunting accessories, like brooms, rakes, etc will not be allowed.

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