B104.3 FM is a St Louis Cardinal and St Louis Blues Affiliate.  We run all St Louis Cardinals games on B104.  All St Louis Blues games can be heard B104, unless the Cardinals are playing at the same time.  In that case, the Blues will run on AM 1240 KFMO.

Weekday Schedule

6am-11am-The B Good Morning Show on B104

11am-3pm-Mid Day Work Break

3pm-7pm-Glenn Berry

7pm-Midnight-Nights with Alice Cooper

Saturday Schedule

6am-Noon-The B Good Morning Show on B104 Noon-7pm-Jason Loughary

7pm-10pm-Dee Snyder’s House of Hair

10pm-Midnight- The Parkland’s Only Heavy Metal Show

Sunday Schedule

6am-7:30am-More Music Mornings

7:30am-8am-The Voice of Truth

8am-8:30am-Celebrate Jesus with Local Music

8:30am-9:30am-Grapevine Ministries

9:30am-10:30am-Ashley Pentecostal Church

10:30am-11:30am-Live Services from the Park Hills United Methodist Church

3pm-6pm-Absolutely 80s with Nina Blackwood

6pm-8pm-Under Control, Indie and Alternative Rock with Lizette

8pm-10pm-Little Stevens Underground Garage