Attorney and Judge Resign over Show Me Courts System

(Leadington, MO.) The Prosecuting Attorney of Leadington, Joe Goff Sr., and the town's Municipal Judge, Scott Reid, are leaving their positions as of June 30th because of the new Missouri Show Me Courts system. The new electronic system will demand a greater number of hours to do the jobs and increase the hours of availability in those positions. City prosecutors will be required to receive e-tickets from police, go into the system, review the case, and enter any charges to be filed. In the case of a municipal judge they would have to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reid cited the growth of his private practice as a reason for leaving and Goff Sr. indicates the new system could require him to spend as much as three times the amount of hours he already spends doing the job. There is no official date set yet to implement the new system.