Bismarck School Board Member Resigns

(Bismarck, MO.) The Bismarck School Board member who is charged with one count of felony theft, and two counts of felony forgery, Jolee Dickey, has turned in her letter of resignation to school board officials. The resignation was accepted and now the search for a replacement is underway. KFMO B104 News contacted school officials and we were able to get more information on the process. Anyone who is interested in applying for the position must be a citizen of the United States, a registered taxpayer in the district, have resided in Missouri for at least one year, and be at least 24 years of age. You should have your letter of interest turned in at the District's Administration Office by July 31st. Select candidates will be interviewed August 20th, the day of the Board of Education's regular monthly meeting. A decision on who to appoint will be made at the meeting that night. If you have any questions about the process call the Bismarck School District at 573-734-6111.
Dickey is set to appear for an arraignment August 1st. Reports show the police found nearly $3,000 worth of reimbursement checks Dickey had written to herself yet there were no receipts to prove the expenses. During an interview with police Dickey admitted to reimbursing herself for expenses she had not paid. The investigation began in an effort to look into the misappropriation of funds from the Bismarck R5 Schools Parent Teacher Organization.