Bonne Terre Residents Alleged Drug Trafficking

(Bonne Terre, MO.) A couple from Bonne Terre, 33 year old Joseph Schuessler and 33 year old Danielle Schuessler Ward, are charged with several felonies and misdemeanors after a police pursuit with Bonne Terre Police. Officials with the Department says they charged Joseph Schuessler with three felonies including Trafficking Drugs in the 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest/Detention/Stop By Fleeing - Creating A Substantial Risk Of Serious Injury/Death To Any Person, and Resisting/Interfering With Arrest For A Felony. He is also charged with five misdemeanors. They are driving with a suspended or revoked license, Operating a Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner, failure to stop, exceeding the posted speed limit, and receiving stolen property. Danielle Scheussler Ward is charged with one count of felony Drug Trafficking in the 2nd degree. The chase originally began in Farmington with a check of the license plate on the car Joseph Schuessler was driving. The plates came back from a stolen car. The pursuit began almost immediately when the officer switched on his police lights. The car crashed at Bonne Terre. Officers say they found marijuana and meth in the vehicle. Bond is set at $60,000 for Scheussler and 15,000 for Scheussler Ward.