Senator Blunt Announces Cape Girardeau County Transit $3.7 million CARES Act Grant

(Washington, D.C.) U.S. Senator Roy Blunt announced that the Federal Transit Administration is awarding a $3.7 million CARES Act grant to the Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority to help address COVID-19 related expenses.

"The Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority provides safe, affordable, and reliable transit for thousands of people in the community," said Blunt. "I'm glad this grant funding will help the transit system cover lost revenue caused by COVID-19 as more people are able to safely go back to work, shop at local businesses, and visit friends and family."

The Blunt-backed CARES Act included $25 billion in Transit Infrastructure Grants to help transit providers, including states and local governments across the nation, cover operating and capital expenses. The grant is 100% federally funded with no local match.