Cold Weather Care for Pets

(Park Hills, Mo) - With our frigid weather there is good advice on how you should take care of any pets you have that either live outdoors or spend a good amount of time outside when it's cold. Dr. Jenn Daniels is with the Animal Medical Center of Park Hills. She says having proper shelter and nutrition is the most important thing for any outdoor animals in extremely cold weather.

Daniels also says to check your pets paws for injuries after being outside in the cold. Look for freezing issues and cracks in the paw pad. Also, make sure any clothing for your pet is dry, not wet. Be sure to clean up, and put away, any excess anti-freeze as some pets will drink, or lick it up, and it can cause serious health issues. Finally, if your pet has been outside in bad, cold weather make sure you dry them off with a towel to remove any ice, salt, or chemicals they may have gotten into.