Commissioner Strongly Recommends Facial Masks

(Farmington, MO.) St. Francois County Presiding Commissioner, Harold Gallaher, is strongly recommending citizens wear facial masks or cloth facial coverings whenever in public places. Gallaher issued a letter to St. Francois County citizens indicating he is now asking each of us to follow his recommendation. Gallaher's message also says area hospitals are nearing capacity and this would affect not only COVID patients but also others who might need care for things like heart attacks, stroke, accidents, or other medical issues. The letter goes on to indicate with the growth rate of the virus in St. Francois County we should take action now to slow the spread of the disease. Wearing a facial mask or cloth covering is the least invasive method and is the easiest method of compliance for the situation that will hopefully help St. Francois County avoid another shut down. The recommendation from Gallaher is not a mandate yet he strongly suggests we all follow this simple guideline, as well as social distancing, to slow the spread of the virus. Gallaher, as well as St. Francois County's two Associate Commissioners, were unavailable for comment.