Community Spread Arrives in St Francois County

(Park Hills, Mo) - For the first time since the virus started appearing in the U.S. community spread has now arrived in St Francois County.  The county's health Department Director, Amber Elliot, says the number of cases are starting to increase by a lot.

Elliot says the entire state of Missouri was placed in a "Red Zone" by The White House Task Force due to a massive increase in Show-Me-State cases.  It is impacting both large and small population counties.  The St Louis County Health Department has recommended that all schools in their jurisdiction do online only classes for this Fall.  No such decision has been made for any of the counties across the Parkland.  

Elliot stressed, now is the time more than ever to wear masks and socially distance to prevent the spread from getting so bad it will overwhelm area hospitals.  St Louis hospitals are already filling up, which is where many people from the Parkland go to receive medical care, according to Elliot.