Congressman Jason Smith Account of Violence Capitol

(Washington, DC) Congressman Jason Smith, who represents Missouri's 8th congressional district, is speaking out regarding last week's violence inside the U.S. Capitol building. Smith says they were having a debate inside the house chamber, when they started to hear noises coming from outside.

Smith says he began his day by visiting with roughly 200 people at the World War 2 memorial - because Speaker Pelosi wouldn't allow lawmakers to have constituents in their offices due to COVID-19. He says the people who traveled to Washington D.C. from Southeast Missouri, are a part of the St. Francois County MO Conservative Club. Smith explains he knows most of them personally, and says they are a peaceful group. Smith made those remarks during an interview on KFTK-FM in St. Louis. That audio was provided to KFMO News by Congressman Smith's Communications Director.