Corona Cases Top 200 in St Francois County

(Park Hills, Mo) - The number of cases in St Francois County has topped 200 since March 22.  The total amount so far is 202 with 25 active cases.  The Health Department says 4 of 25 active cases are related to the prison outbreaks. In last nine days, cases reporting “unknown” source of infection has nearly doubled (18 to 31).

This is indicative of low-level community transmission according to the department. To slow the spread and inevitably save lives the department says it is now imperative that persons practice personal responsibility. The department is urging all people to take steps to prevent COVID-19 for ourselves, as well as others.

The department says these steps include: keeping a six foot distance between ourselves and others that aren't in our household, wearing a mask in public places, good hygienic practices, and staying home when we are sick.

If we can work together to take these preventative steps, we can all help to decease the spread of the virus, prevent hospitalizations, and save lives, according to the department.