Corona Outbreak Now Confirmed at Farmington Correctional Center

(Farmington, Mo) - A Corona Virus outbreak has now been confirmed at Farmington Correctional Center, adding to the outbreak reported already at Bonne Terre Prison.

According to the St Francois County Health Center, while undergoing “boxed in” testing for COVID-19, 38 confirmed cases have been identified at Farmington Correctional Center. The facility is still receiving test results, meaning more additional positive cases are possible. Sentinel testing will begin next week, according to the center. A total of 42 cases have been connected to this outbreak; some of which have shown symptoms of the illness.

Farmington Correctional Center is following pandemic guidelines and is working with the St. Francois County Health Center to prevent further spread of the illness. The prison will remain closed to visitors.

Under CDC guidelines, critical infrastructure employees of the prison are allowed to continue to work if they are asymptomatic, so long as they utilize appropriate protective equipment. However, the Department of Corrections does not allow employees to work if they test positive, regardless of if they are asymptomatic. They are sent home and cannot return until they receive two negative tests.

The Health Center reported a COVID-19 outbreak at Bonne Terre Prison last week. 47 cases have been identified at the facility. All staff and inmates have been tested. 124 tests are still pending due to retesting. A total of 49 cases have been connected to this outbreak. All cases are currently asymptomatic.

The outbreak is under on-going investigation. Inmates which have been in the facility for 14 days or more prior to testing will be counted in St. Francois County (SFC) stats per Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines. Employees who are SFC residents will be counted in SFC stats. Cases which reside outside of SFC will be sent to the appropriate jurisdiction.