COVID Cases Rise Above 500 in County

(Park Hills, Mo) - As of August 14, 2020 at 12:00pm, there have been a total of 502 cases of COVID-19 reported since March 22, 2020 in SFC. More than 150 new cases have been reported in the last week which includes 35 from DOC outbreaks. 32 cases have required hospitalization during their illness; up 10 from last week.  There are now an apparent total of 5 people since March 22 that have died as a result of the virus.  Three of those are within the past 2 weeks. 

Currently the department says there are 180 known active cases; 30 are related to DOC outbreaks. There are three suspect deaths which the Health Center is awaiting a death certificate to verify the cause of death.

Due to the rapid increase in cases, the capacity to investigate cases in a timely manner is not possible, according to the department. There's now confirmed active community transmission. Every interaction with persons outside your household should be treated as a risk for transmission, according to the department, according to the release.