Desloge Water Rates Going Up

(Desloge, MO) Desloge citizens are going to see their water rates go up. The City Administrator for Desloge, Dan Bryan, says the city has had to suplement the Water Department's operations budget. He adds it comes down to water sales.

According to Bryan the minimum average price charged for water in a home in Desloge is about 10 dollars a month. The new rate change could see that rise to 15. The water rate, which is paid at a rate of $3.27 for 1 thousand gallons, will be raisede anotther $2.50 making the final charge for a unit of a thousand gallons $5.57. The action was approved by aldermen at this week's Desloge Board of Aldermen meeting. In other business it was decided to put the Chamber of Commerce office building up for sale due to some roof damage and a budget workshop for the new fiscal budget was set for July 1st.