DSS Special Payment for Childcare

DSS Special Payment for Child Care Subsidy

The Department of Social Services made changes to help Child Care Subsidy providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to local restrictions and reduced child attendance, the department will make a special payment to Child Care Subsidy providers to help with lost income .

For the month of March 2020, Child Care Subsidy providers will receive a payment no less than the average of their payments for the preceding three months, December 2019-February 2020. Department of Social Services Acting Director Jennifer Tidball says this additional payment is intended to prevent
a disruption in child care for the sake of children, families, and the provider. Providers should submit April 10, 2020 to expedite the special payment. 

Low-income Missourians interested in the Child Care Subsidy, or other benefit programs can visit dss.mo.gov to learn more.