Earthquake in Caribbean, Multiple Parkland Residents in Region

(Lucea, Jamaica) - A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck near Jamaica Tuesday afternoon, just after 1 pm, Park Hills time, causing a possible Tsunami in the Caribbean Sea, according to the USGS and U.S. Tsunami Warning Center.  

KFMO / B104 can confirm multiple people from the Parkland are currently in Jamaica, Cancun, and the Yucatan areas of the Caribbean. Information about the quake and potential Tsunami is still developing.  A local church group from the Potosi area is currently on a missions trip to Jamaica.  At last report, they are safe.  

The quake was felt as far away as Miami, where helicopter video of high rises being evacuated due to them swaying from the quake could be seen.  Damage to Jamaica and other Caribbean islands remains unknown.   Multiple aftershocks have been reported, including a magnitude 6.1 epicentered a little over 200 miles away from the original magnitude 7.7, near the Cayman Islands shortly before 4 pm, Tuesday, Park Hills time.

We will have more information as it becomes available.