Farmington Declares a Civil Emergency

(Farmington, Mo) - The City of Farmington has declared a Civil Emergency for the city.  Among other things, the proclamation would allow for curfews to be implemented within the city if needed.  City Administrator Greg Beavers tells KFMO / B104 News the declaration is something within the municipal code.

Beavers adds that the declaration for now is only addressing enforcing the closure of certain areas of city parks and for enforcing social distancing.

Beavers assures that this Civil Emergency will not add to the restrictions set in by yesterdays county wide stay-at-home order and that they have no intention to impose any curfews or take other further measure.

Beavers tells KFMO / B104 News Mayor Larry Forsythe has the authority on his own to declare the emergency.  It has gone into effect immediately.  Beavers says it is not the city's intentions to get ahead of the St Francois County Commissioners with the Stay at Home Order which goes into effect at midnight Thursday night / Friday morning.  He stressed the city orders will work in tandem with the county orders, and they do not plan to implement anything more strict than the county's orders.

The ordinance has been uploaded on the tab below, and a photo of the proclamation is below the tab.  Stay with KFMO / B104 News for the very latest on Covid-19.