Gas Pump Prices Continue to Fall

(Missouri) For the sixth straight week and now 45 straight days, the national average price of gasoline has fallen, posting a drop of 5.7 cents over the last week to $1.91 per gallon today according to GasBuddy data compiled from more than 11 million individual price reports covering over 150,000 gas stations across the country. The average price of diesel, meanwhile, fell 4.7 cents to $2.56 per gallon.

Sitting well below the national numbers, Missouri's average is $1.68/gallon.  Locally, prices range from $1.46 in Washington County to 1.85 in Jefferson County.  That leaves the average cost of gas per gallon in the Parkland below the state's at $1.66.  You may wonder, what was the highest recorded average in Missouri?  That was July 16, 2008--at $3.95 a gallon--of course, 2008 was the first year GasBuddy started keeping records.