Impact of COVID-19 on Women in MO

Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Missouri  

State-specific data released by the Women's Foundation and mySidewalk this week underscores how women in Missouri are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Foundation President & CEO Wendy Doyle says the numbers shows the urgent need for proven solutions like guaranteed paid family and medical leave, gender pay equity, and reduced red tape for small business owners. The Women's Foundation has commissioned numerous studies to identify areas of concern for women that require policy solutions. 

Missouri has a higher share of women-owned small business owners than the national average. Women are less likely to be uninsured than men with 9 percent of women in Missouri lacking health insurance. 

Doyle says that as policymakers continue to manage the immediate effects of this crisis and develop solutions to mitigating its devastating economic impact, prioritizing the needs of women and families will be critical to our recovery.