Instigators Identified in Bomb Threat

(Leadwood, MO) Those responsible for a possible bomb threat against the West County schools are being dealt with through the proper channels in the states in which they live according to a letter to parents on the schools facebook page. Two letters were posted including an original notification concerning the fact that a bomb had been made over the weekend. The letter stated St. Francois County Sheriff's Department investigators, West County officials, the school's resource officer, and Leadwood Police were investigating the incident. The second letter indicated the perpetrators had been identified and were being dealt with. West County School Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Coffman, says he wants to thank all those involved in the investigation as their hard work paid off.

During the investigation several parts of the district response plan came into play including securing all campuses, restricting outside personnel from entering the schools, and limiting movement on, and between, campuses.