New Bismarck Mayor - Radford Resigns

(Bismarck, MO.) The city of Bismarck has a new mayor after Mayor Seth Radford resigned for health reasons. Ward 2 Alderman, and Mayor Pro Tem, J.T. Shy, has been sworn in as Mayor for now. Shy says he has the experience to lead the city forward and he's looking for positive things coming to Bismarck.

As a result of Radford's resignation, and Shy's becoming Mayor, this leaves a blank seat in Ward 2. Any Bismarck citizen, living in Ward 2, can apply for the position. Shy will go over any applications brought to City hall and make a recommendation to aldermen as to which candidate he would recommend they appoint to the seat. The next Board of Aldermen meeting in Bismarck is Thursday, September 12th. Shy, and the appointed alderman, will hold their positions until they come up for election again in April of 2020.