New study finds 600K Missouri workers directly impacted by COVID-19

New study finds 612,800 Missouri workers directly impacted by COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic shutdown as thousands of "nonessential" businesses have closed their doors. The crisis disproportionately affects the 21.3% of American workers in retail, leisure, and hospitality who not only face lack of work, but also suffer from long-standing, below-average wages. 

According to the latest annual data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Missouri's workforce is actually experiencing a slightly below average impact during the coronavirus pandemic. 21.1% of Missouri's working population operates in the retail trade and leisure and hospitality industries, equaling 304 thousand retail workers and just over 308 thousand leisure and hospitality workers. 

But despite the below average impact, 13.2% of these Missouri worker's annual earnings are below the poverty level.