Ryan Miller Swtiches Sheriff Candidacy from Independent to Republican

(Farmington, Mo.) Former Farmington police officer and Independent Candidate for St. Francois County Sheriff Ryan Miller has announced his intent to now file as a Republican candidate.

The announcement comes after the passing of fellow candidate Don Ebner.  In a press release, Miller refered to Ebner as a friend and said, "It is with a heavy heart that I heard of Don Ebner's passing today. Don was a friend, a brother in blue, and a man who shared the same passion and values for public service. Sadly, his time with us has expired, but that hardly means he will be forgotten."

"Before his passing, Don made it known that if he could not continue the fight, he wanted me to pick up his torch and keep fighting for our mutual mission. I am humbled that Don would hold me in such high regard to encourage me to keep fighting for what is right, and also for him. I can and will accept this challenge, continue to fight for our county as I have been, and honor my friend in this endeavor."

Ryan indicates that filing as a Republican, "levels the playing field," and that COVID-19 has made it difficult to collect the signatures necessary to run as an independent.

Ryan adds that although he will not be running as an independent candidate, his independent values have not changed.

See the full press release below: