St Francois County To Open For Business

(Farmington, Mo) - St Francois County Commissioners say they will be opening the county for business next week.  In a press release on Thursday afternoon, Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher acknowledges Governor Paron's new rules tht will go into effect Sunday night at midnight, and has outlined how the county will respond.

Under Phase 1, the following conditions will apply in St. Francois County starting on Monday: 

Restaurants & Places of Worship can reopen with social distancing rules still in effect

Elective surgeries can resume

Schools must remain closed

High-risk individuals should stay home

Barber shops, beauty salons and nail salons can reopen by with stricter rules applied

No visitors to senior living facilities or hspitals will be allowed

Bars, large venues and gyms can reopen but with strict physical distancing and sanitation rules

The following guidelines also apply for businesses:

Employers should encourage telework

Employers should bring their people back to work in phases

Minimize non-essential travel

Consider special accomodations for vulnerable personnel

Individuals should still:

Shelter in place if they are considered "vulnerable"

Maximize physical distance when in public

Avoid socializing in groups of 10 or more people

The St Francois County Commissioners are asking citizens to maintain the 6 feet spacing rule and limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 in a group  Social gathering of more than 10 people, where appropriate distancing may not be practical, should be avoided unless precautionary measures are taken.  Wear gloves and cloth face coverings at every opportunity and keep washing your hands.