St Francois County Virus Cases Moving Toward 500

(Park Hills, Mo) - COVID-19 cases in St Francois County are approaching the 500 mark rapidly after only being in the 350s a little more than a weeks ago.  The St Francois County Health Department's latest statistics information now stands at 441 cases since March 22, of which 129 cases are currently active. At the rate of 20 new cases a day, the county will hit the 500 threshold by Saturday.

Diving down into that number a little more, of the 129 cases currently active, 20 are a part of the prison outbreaks in Bonne Terre and Farmington.  The county health department has been warning for nearly three weeks now that community spread would be possible during this time frame.

COVID-19 is more contagious and other types of virus.  Medical experts across the globe are also puzzled why some people remain asymptomatic and others get violently ill, with some dying.  The human body has no immunity to this virus because it is a new virus.

The health department is stressing that you need to use a mask when out in public, socially distance at a minimum of 6 feet whenever possible, and use good hygene practices.  Wash your hands often with soap and water.  When soap and water isn't available, use hand sanitizer.