UPDATE: Health Officials No Confirmed Cases of Virus Yet

*This story has been updated on 3/22/20 at 1:45 p.m. for news to reflect no confirmed COVID-19 cases in St. Francois County in connection to a wedding held at Heritage Hall in Bonne Terre March 14th

(St. Francois County, MO.)

As of this Afternoon health officials in St Francois County say there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the County. St. Francois County Health Center Director, Amber Elliot, says they continue to look for anyone who attended a wedding at Bonne Terre's Heritage Hall, Saturday March 14th. Reports indicate it was a large event attended by two people from out of state who tested positive for the virus. Elliot also says they have determined the two did not visit any other locations in St. Francois County. According to Elliot they are asking anyone who went to the wedding to self quarantine themselves through March 28th, and monitor for symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. If you show symptoms of a fever greater than 100.4, or a cough, you should contact your health provider for testing. Symptoms also include a shortness of breath and urgent illness. If these symptoms develop call your local hospital before taking in a patient. Elliot explains the family has been receiving threats from the public. She adds besides being unfortunate this could also discourage people who show symptoms from getting needed testing.

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