UPDATE: Two Dead in Lake Timberline Shootings

(St. Francois County, MO.) Two men are dead after an early morning shooting in Lake Timberline in St. Francois County. A press release from the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department reports officers were called to the scene at 6:04 a.m. for a domestic disturbance involving a firearm in the 9400 block of Woodleigh Drive. Before they arrived officers were advised gunshots had been fired at the scene. The 71 year old woman who called 911 told dispatchers she believed her grandson had shot her husband. She told operators she heard two shots fired first then third shot a moment later. A second 911 call was received from a male caller who said he had been shot twice. The man apparently became unresponsive while on the phone with 911. When officers arrived they found one of the men, a 66 year old man, dead in the living room and the 24 year old male dead on the bedroom floor from what appeared to be a se4lf inflicted gunshot wound. the incident is still under investigation and Law enforcement officials are not releasing the names of the two men yet.