Whooping Cough In Camelot Skilled Nursing Center

(Farmington, MO.) Health Officials with the St. Francois County Health Center confirm there are four cases of whooping cough that have been reported at the Camelot Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Farmington. A Communicable Disease Nurse with the Health Center, Tiffany Roth, says they are taking their normal approach to a situation like this to keep an outbreak from happening.

Roth explains symptoms of whooping cough include a persistent cough you've had for a couple of weeks. Additional symptoms may mimic other health problems including a runny nose and a fever. Roth also says if you suspect a problem contact your physician for a diagnosis and be sure to get a whooping cough vaccine. Adults should get the shot every 10 years. According to Roth the situation at Camelot is being handled very well and she doesn't expect any further problems to arise from the four cases reported.