I'm on TikTok

What? I'm on TikTok ... so you don't have to be.

A couple months ago, I couldn't take it anymore.  I was being left behind in yet another online trend.  I hate being left out.

So, I joined TikTok.  Oh, yes. It is hilarious. It is amazing. And it is addictive.

It was a huge mistake, an error in judgement.  Because I cannot stay off of it. I'm checking to see if anyone new is following me, if anyone liked my videos, and if I can go comment on anyone's video to boost their spirits.

Yep, you heard me right...boost THEIR spirits.  While the addiction part is true, what I have found is a more valuable feature:  TikTok is full of kind, caring, and compassionate creators who want to uplift and support their little corner of the app.

I was shocked!  But pleasantly surprised.  There are a lot of people that I might never have interacted with, like the radio guy from Boston, the comedian from Houston, a suicidal girl who will remain anonymous, and my new friend Jill from Park Hills.  (We are gonna meet for coffee.)

Granted, you don't have to post content, you can just be an observer, enjoying all the joy and fun and learn more about other people around the world that you might never have known.  Or you can be like me--and just post a little.

Here's my most viewed video:

Look, I'm not saying I'm a cinematic genius...but it has 15K views, and that has gained me a few new friends.  



Audra Caine