April Election Issues in St. Francois County

(St. Francois County, MO) There are a couple of issues on the ballot for St. Francois County voters during the April 6th municipal elections. The continuation of the 3/8 of 1% sales tax for 911 operations that covers the operation, maintenance, central call taking, dispatching for fire protection, emergency services, law enforcement, and emergency telephone services of the 911 center. If the extension is not approved by voters the funding will no longer be available and would cause municipalities using the service, to try to fund it themselves.  Wolf Creek Fire Department officials are asking voters in their district to approve incorporating, with a board of 3 directors who would institute a tax levy of 30 cents per one hundred dollars assessed valuation on all real and personal property. If approved this would eliminate fire tags and help attract and retain more volunteers. Fire department officials are also planning on building additional fire stations and getting better equipment for firelights to help lower district patron's insurance rates by obtaining a better I.S.O. rating.