Best Ads from Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl is always good for some funny and tear jerking commercials.  Here are some of my favorites from Super Bowl LIV: 

Smaht Pahk | 2020 Hyundai Sonata | Hyundai​

It pains me as a New Yorker to say this, but this was a funny ad with all the accents.

Jason Mamoa | Rocket Mortgage

​Ladies, cover your eyes.  You can't unsee this.

Jeep | Groundhog Day | Bill Murray

A modern twist on a classic movie.  I love the line at the end.

Tide | Charlie Day | Laundry Later

I love the concept Tide has gone with in the past few years, running ads that you don't realize at first it's actually a Tide ad.  Charlie Day was hilarious this year, sneaking into Bud Light and The Masked Singer ads to ask when it was okay to do laundry.  Also, "Laundry Later," should be my life motto, I currenlty need to fold my load that is sitting in the dryer.

Budweiser | Typical Americans

Love this ad from our local Budweiser.  Proud to be an American!

Bud Light Seltzer | Post Malone

No relation between Sean Malone and Post Malone.

WeatherTech/University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine | Lucky Dog

Of course I couldn't exclude the dog ad.

Google | Loretta

Okay if you didn't cry during the Typical American's Ad, Lucky Dog, or Jason Mamoa taking his arm sleeves off, this one will break you.  Google REALLY pulled at the heart strings with this ad and it was one of my favorites on the night.

What were your favorites?  Did I miss one that you enjoyed?  Let me know on twitter @SMalone27.